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Open Text Exceed

Developer Open Text Corporation

As the highest performing PC X server on the market, Exceed allows business users to access to UNIX and Linux-based X Window applications from ...

Janotech Unix Shell

Developer Janotech, LLC

anotech Unix Shell for Windows provides an open environment similar to those found on Unix or Linux systems. It is designed ...

Wipro UWIN

Developer Wipro Technologies

Wipro UWIN is a Unix/Linux to Windows (2K/NT/9x) migration toolkit that gives you most features of a traditional ...

Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX

Developer Microsoft

Self-extracting archive of the Windows Services for UNIX product. Windows Services for UNIX provides a ...


Developer Pine Information Center - University of Washington

This is 32-bit version for Windows95/NT of the classesIMAP UNIX email client Pine. Does 100% what unix pinedoes ...

NetApp SecureShare Access

Developer NetApp

NetApp SecureShare Access is a program that enables you to view UNIX permissions from a Windows NT Server or Workstation. The program is ...


Developer Rudenko Software

Windows telnet client specialized for use with Unix shell. It shows Unix files and folders in Windows ...

MKS Toolkit for Win32

Developer Mortice Kern Systems Inc.

MKS Toolkit for Developers, the award winning and industry-leading Windows / UNIX interoperability solution, dramatically improves the ...

UNIX User Password Modifier

Developer TriSun Software Inc.

A Windows application which is designed for batch modifying, generating, initializing and managing the user ...

JASSPA MicroEmacs

Developer JASSPA

Jasspa's MicroEmacs is an Emacs editor biased towards UNIX users, working across platforms by providing a consistent ...


Developer SoftwareForLitSupport

This handy program works without complaining, whether you ask it to convert one or tens of thousands of Unix text files. ...

TFM Unix.2.Win.2.Unix

Developer TFM Group

Kiwi's Syslog Daemon

Developer Kiwi Enterprises

A Windows version of the Unix Syslog Daemon that receives, logs, displays and forwards Unix type Syslog messages from hosts such as ...

Boson UNIX Tests

Developer Boson Software, Inc.

This practice test contains 200+ questions to help the student prepare for Linux or Solaris Unix certification.

Free Unix Spectrum Emulator (Fuse)

Developer Fuse team

Fuse (the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) was originally, and somewhat unsurprisingly, a ZX Spectrum emulator for ...